Laptop Touchpad Protector - Instructions


How to Order?

  • Select your favorite skin.
  • Mention your quantity
  • Provide with your touchpad width and height in centimeters
  • In case of rounded corners upload image of your touchpad
  • Proceed to checkout
  • download Ruler app if you cannot find scale. And provide link

How to install?

  • Clean the touchpad
  • Peel away the back paper of the touchpad protection skin
  • Apply the skin on the top part of laptop touchpad. Align the skin carefully. Smooth down the surface of the film


How to Remove?

To remove the touchpad protection skin, simply start from one corner of the laptop skin, and continue pulling until the whole skin comes off. The skin is not reusable and you would need to apply a new one. No gum will remain on touchpad after removal.