Why do you need laptop touchpad protector?

- To protect touchpad from your oily hands
- Keep its sensitivity intact even after frequent usage on same spot
- Saves it from wear and tear
- If your touchpad is already looking greasy, oily and polished, the laptop touchpad protector gives it a new look
- Finding difficult to position the mouse pointer due to worn out, touchpad protector gives you a precise control again
- Only the touchpad part cannot be replaced once it gets worn out. So it’s better to protect it. Prevention is better than cure
- Makes it scratch free caused by dust particles
- Happy with your current touchpad looks, we also have transparent guards
- Bored by the same generic look of your laptop touchpad and want a new and fresh look when you open your laptop.
- Want a smooth and feather touch accessorizing feel.
- Touchpad protector with image of your company logo or your loved ones

Information about our product

Touchpad protector is a thin film that protects your laptop touchpad. It is manufactured to match the look and feel of your laptop. Surface-treated to keep the touch sensitivity intact. Touchpad protector guards your trackpad from scratches, smudges and grease.
Precisely cut, Touchpad protector works with all laptop gestures, including two-finger scrolling and pinching and zoom. Installation takes seconds and removal is easy — you will never be left with a sticky residue. Touchpad protector is compatible with any material of your touchpad.

Protect Your Touchpad